Arizona Emergency Medical Systems, Inc. (AEMS) has received $9,000 in Pediatric funding from the Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System.

The purpose of this funding is to provide PEDIATRIC Equipment or Medical Supplies for *Rural Central Region fire departments/districts and other EMS provider agencies in need.

*For this funding, Rural is defined as those Fire Departments/Districts or Transport Agencies serving the Central Arizona Region in Pinal and Gila Counties. Those Fire Departments/Districts or Transport Agencies serving Maricopa County are eligible if they are not part of the Automatic Aid System. Hospitals are not eligible for this funding. The rural EMS provider agency must associate with the AEMS Region (there are some Central Region agencies that associate with other Regions and thus, they do no qualify).

Although this is limited amount of funding, our goal is to maximize the allotment of these funds so as many organizations as possible may receive some benefit.

For more information on eligibility, terms of agreement, and the application:


Deadline to apply for a Pediatric Fund Mini Grant is May 10, 2024