Welcome to our Central Arizona Region map, your ultimate guide for locating essential EMS and trauma care provider organizations.

The Central Arizona Region, comprising Maricopa, Pinal, and Gila counties, represents a diverse and dynamic landscape. This expansive area includes a bustling metropolitan core, high-density suburban developments, and vast rural communities. The rich diversity within the Central Arizona Region presents both unique challenges and opportunities, demanding a versatile and inclusive approach to emergency medical services and trauma care.

Our interactive map serves as your gateway to discovering the precise locations of hospitals, fire departments/districts, ground and air transport agencies, educational institutions, and other vital healthcare entities across the region.

Explore our map to connect with EMS and trauma care providers throughout this multifaceted Central Arizona Region."

Things you can do in Map View

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Click on any marker to view that Organization's Name, Address and Phone Number. Click the "Find out more..." for a larger view and even get directions.

NOTE: We have done our best to provide accurate information. Organizations should contact us if any content provided is incorrect or needs to be updated. Thank You!


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