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Arizona Emergency Medical Systems, Inc. (AEMS) has recently received $120,000 from the Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System.

The purpose of this funding is to provide Covid-19 equipment and training support for Central Region fire departments/districts and other EMS provider agencies in need. Each Region may retain 10% to support administrative costs associated with the distribution of these funds.

In June we completed our first round of funding, in which we distributed $93,095.71. We have $14,905.00 remaining to distribute. On July 23, we commence our process for the 2nd and final round of funding.

To maximize the allotment of these funds so that as many agencies as possible may receive some benefit, ALL funding requests are limited to $1500 max.

NOTE: If you received funding from the first round, you may reapply; however, priority will be given to agencies that have not received previous funding.

In distributing these funds, AEMS supports an equitable, collaborative, and cooperative process. We will be employing our successful Provider Grant process from the past, where all those applying for funding will help AEMS determine who should receive the funds, based on a priority rating system. Our goal is to maximize the allotment of these funds so as many agencies as possible may receive some benefit.

Deadline to Apply for this Funding is August 7, 2020

For more information about AEMS Covid-19 Central Region Funding process, Click Here

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