AEMS current Board vacancies are listed below. Additionally, AEMS will be making nomination recommendations for AEMS representative vacancies on two State committees. We are accepting nominations from those whom are eligible and interested.

Please complete the Board of Governors nomination at the bottom of this page for the vacant position that you are interested in and eligibile for. The election will be held during the AEMS Board of Governors meeting on August 15. Thank you for your interest.

AEMS Board of Governors Vacancies:

  • Citizen of the AEMS Region
  • AEMS Representative Vacancies on State Committees:

    • Education Committee
    • The Education Standing Committee is the educational advisory group to the EMS Council, Medical Direction Commission, and State Trauma Advisory Board.

    • Protocols, Medications, and Devices Committee
    • The Protocols, Medications and Devices (PMD) Committee serves as the medical advisory group to the Medical Direction Commission, EMS Council, and State Trauma Advisory Board. Its functions are to define the scope and interpret prehospital medical care, principles and practices for the Commission and to review and recommend changes or additions to the drug box and use of new medical devices.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: Elections will be held during the AEMS Board of Governors meeting on August 15, 2018. ALL nominees are encouraged to attend the August 15 meeting where they will be introduced to the Board and provided a few minutes to share bio information and declare their interest in serving.

      *Trauma Center refers to State of Arizona Designated Level 1 or Level 2 facility providing enhanced trauma care, and categorized as such.

      **Non-Trauma Center refers to a facility that is not a State of Arizona Designated Level 1 or Level 2 Trauma Center.

      ***Administration means an individual that has programmatic responsibilities and budgetary authority.

      If a position involves a recommendation by a professional association, we do require a letter from the association aknowledging your nomination.

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